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I am Danushki Perera, working as an Digital Marketer in Sri Lanka. In my blog you can find a recollection of my thoughts and opinions based on my professional experiences regarding digital marketing.

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Working with UTM URLs

Working with UTM URLs

What is a UTM URLs? Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a simple code that helps you to track a source, medium and campaign name. This help us to identify all these information through Google Analytics. Simply, It creates a custom tracking code to track your campaigns.   Is it trustworthy? Yes, It is a 100% […]

Google AdWords for Beginners : Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup

Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup is the latest meetup group in Colombo dedicated to Digital Marketers. This is the first meetup group created by Pyxle (Pvt) Ltd to groom digital marketing enthusiasters. As the first event they had a meetup called “Google AdWords for Beginners”. Event hold at Pyxle on 20th Oct 2016. Event was sponsored by […]