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Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka


My Experience Working with HOTJAR

Hotjar is a software solution that enables you to visually represent and chart user interaction with your website using dynamic heat maps showcasing their clicks and activities. It also records their browsing sessions, collects their input, and provides additional functionalities.

I got an opportunity to use this tool first time in my digital marketing career while working with a Toronto based brand called Rubies Bras. It is a brand which has minimum 6000 daily users and we identified, that users are bouncing from the website after spending fair amount of time on the website without taking any actions or conversions.

So as a solution an our best practice we use HotJar in our day to day digital marketing review.

Why We Chose HotJar?

It is easy to use

It easy get approved

Easy to add the tracking code, no developers needed.

Easy to share reports with the management and rest of the marketing team members

Easy to get necessary in detailed insights

What did we achieved using HotJar?

  1. We had a better understanding about the website user behaviour. Like on which elements they mostly interact with.
  2. Increase conversions and results by filtering recordings and make sure users are having a smooth journey inside the website and whether majority of our potential users can achieve their goals in the website.
  3. Measure and Improve user experience

My Routine of Using the HotJar

This is how I used HotJar and the steps would be different how you are using and how you are planning to use. These steps I followed in order to achieve our internal marketing objectives and it was a success.

First, I logged to the platform and sort users from highest number of clicks to the lowest. The reason I sort the users first because I believe more number of clicks mean they are keen to know our product and services.

After filtering, I watched top 10 user journeys per day. As I mentioned earlier we are getting 6000+ hits per day and going through each user journey recording is not practical. So my estimated reviews would only be 10-15 users.

Then I will list down their interactions on and excel sheet from first to last interactions. To have an idea about what is the common first and last interactions of a user, to identify from which page they bouncing from the website, in which page they spend more time, whether any page has issues such as loading speed, images not loading, mobile friendliness, etc.

If I find any issue on the website UI UX or technical issue I will inform the team right away.

Also, Another factor that I am keen on about the user. From which country they are surfing the website and from which device. This helped me to identify from which country we have genuine potential users and I can always cross check with our rest of the analytical dashboards such as GA4 and social media.

Did I make you interest to use the tool?

Let me guid you how to start using the platform

All you have to do is add the HotJar analytic code to the website as same as you added the Google analytic code.

You are ready to explore HotJar now. This is a platform which I would recommend any brand to achieve your business and marketing goals.

Have fun with HotJar!

Write your opinion or your concerns about the platform in the comment section and don’t forget to share your thoughts. 🙂

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