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Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Landing Page

Here are 5 steps to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive and reachable based on my own experiences.

Make a Good First Impression : Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first impression of the LinkedIn page. Make sure to add a professional picture. I know selfies looks so attractive but that will not work for the LinkedIn. Invest your time to get a professional photo from a good photographer or ask your friend to take a picture of you.

Invest time to get ready and looks good. Do not take pictures when you are in hurry. Have a professional outfit and make sure the picture looks exactly like you. So do not add much editing. Ask feedback from your friends to make sure before uploading. Feedbacks matters.


Use attractive keywords in the headline to have a snapshot on why your presence is matter and what qualifications and expertise you have to bring in to a company to help the brand.

For example : Digital Marketing manager | Paid Media Specialist | I Help Small Businesses to Increase Lead Generation by 55%


Find 10-20 job descriptions which is relevant to your job searching profile and find keywords of each description using chat GPT and add those keywords as much as you can in to the LinkedIn descriptions.

Maximum Use of Feature Section

Make sure to use the feature section and feature your best achievements and showcase how updated you are in your field and showcase why they should hire you in to their business.

I am not going to make this post unnecessary long where you feels like there are a lot to change in your LinkedIn page. Let’s start with this and stay tune for the second version of the same topic.

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