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Google AdWords for Beginners : Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup

Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup is the latest meetup group in Colombo dedicated to Digital Marketers. This is the first meetup group created by Pyxle (Pvt) Ltd to groom digital marketing enthusiasters.

As the first event they had a meetup called “Google AdWords for Beginners”. Event hold at Pyxle on 20th Oct 2016.

Event was sponsored by GBG ( Google Business Group) and Powered by Google. There were nearly 50 participants and It was an event full of knowledge and group activities.

Topics covered in this event is

  • What is Google Adwords.
  • Why we need Google AdWords
  • Types of Ads.
  • How to introduce AdWords to your business
  • Practical session of creating a Search Ad and a Display Ad.

It was a 2 hours sessions and they didn’t forget to treat participants with unlimited pizza.

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For Photos. Click Here14615703_10154940103700101_4961976151074060898_o


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