Danushki Perera

Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

‘Likes Can Be Deceiving’ organized by GBG Sri Lanka

I thought of sharing my experience on the first event of GBG organized in 2019. I was privileged to attend the event as a speaker and my topic was about ‘ What will work in 2019’.

Audience : 99% of attendees were startups and business owners. So the event was so energetic with meaningful questions and challenging as well since as a speaker we had to talk about our own experiences, ups and downs we have faced in day to day life because of frequent changing digital trends  and giving solutions for their real business matters.

My session was right after Indu’s session and she spoke about what are the digital trends in 2019. My topic which was ‘ What will work in 2019’ is  on how to apply the trends which was discussed by Indu to businesses.

Topics summary of my session is as follows,

  1. Sri Lanka Digital Stats Summary 2018 and 2019 comparison.
  2. Building trusted content
  3. Use of Stories
  4. Running Ads Efficiently
  5. Social Shopping.
  6. Messaging Apps to Communicate.

Before I start talking about digital trends I let the audience feel the growth in Sri Lankan digital usage by providing a summary which was taken from Hootsuit blog. This summary shows the Internet penetration growth and social platform usage growth.

Next we discussed about how to build trusted content on social media. Based on the latest survey, 60% of social media users do not trust on social media business content and they have asked for personalized content. So the discussion was on how to build content which the audience can keep a trust on the brand.

Use of stories section we talked about how to use live stories and how it will help to enhance users. This was an eye opener for the audience who have never thought of doing live videos.

Running ad efficiently, we discussed on targeting and how to run ads technically with proper content.

Social shopping and Messaging Apps makes the audience more interest since only few brands are actively engaging with these campaigns and I believe in Sri Lanka it is the high time brands focus on these trending tactics. So we discussed on how these features can use on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat.

The whole sessions was based on case studies so the audience got a good understanding on how these tactics can be used to their organizations. The reason why I chosen to explain on case studies is to showcase that these tactics are possible and not a fairytale any more.

If you have any questions regarding the session please contact me.

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