Danushki Perera

Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

SLIM Digis 2.0 – My Experience as a Jury Member

Receiving an invitation to SLIM Digis 2.0 as a Jury member I personally consider one of the best achievement I gained in my Digital Marketing career.
It is a great experience to watch what brands have done out of the box concept and it was a great knowledge sharing session among rest of the Jury members.

Jury Briefing – 8th Sep 2020
Jury Briefing is a private event held at Cinnamon Grand hotel where SLIM Digi 2.0 organizing committee briefed the process of judging, past experiences, duties of judges, how decisions and entries should be confidential, etc.

Round 1 Evaluation & Screening – 13th Sep 2020
This is the day we evaluate the first batch of entries. We started to evaluate category by category and give induvial marks. Marks were not shared with anyone and the decision is not shared with other judges. If we had any doubt we had the privilege’s to discuss with other judges.
Event was at Waters Ede Hotel starting from morning and it went almost to the 11 PM.

Round 2 Evaluation & Screening – 14th Sep 2020
Second day was another busy day with all the tired faces. Previous day was a hectic day and as a result this time we make sure to accelerate our speed of judging but still we could leave the place around 11 PM. Event was at Waters Edge and the staff supported us tremendously to keep us active by providing coffee all the time we requested.

End of the day, it was such a relief but same time we started to miss two good days and rest of the judges. More than the fun it was full two days where we all shared our Industry knowledge.

Event Day – 21st January 2021
Finally, the long awaited day has arrived. After a long quarantine period finally SLIM could finalized a day to host the event with all the safety guidelines.

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