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Google campaign types

Campaign Types in AdWords

When creating a campaign first thing you has to select is campaign type. Selecting a proper campaign type is a must because you can get genuine and good clicks, impressions and conversions only through selecting a proper and suitable campaign type.

According to the July 2015 updated version of Google AdWords there are 4 campaign types.

1. Search Network Only
2. Display Network Only
3. Search and Display Networks
4. Shopping

Search Network Only

Display Network Only Search and Display Network Only


Where the ad appears?

Next to Google Search results.

In placement websites. (Websites which allow ads through Adwords) Next to Google Search results and In placement websites. (Websites which allow ads through Adwords)  





Will Discuss about this in detail on our next article.

For which situations, it’s suitable?

Reach customers searching for your specific product or service and to display in next to Google search.

To promote your brand to a large audience and reach customers while they browsing websites.

To grab audience at large scale and to spend the budget well.

How it works?

 It depends on the keyword or key phrase someone type in the search engine. Your ad will appear according to the keywords chosen by you  Will search for the same interest audience, same interest websites and any placement websites to promote your ad.  Combination of Search and display ads.

Ad Formats


Text, image, rich media, and video ads

Text, image, rich media, and video ads

IF you feel to change the campaign type it could affect to whole campaign. Refer the table below to identify which is possible and which is not when changing the campaign type.


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