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Semester Break as an International Student

How I Spent My Semester Break at Lambton College Toronto

As an International student at Lambton College, Toronto the most awaited break was the semester break. Because this is the time we get to spend on ourselves completely for 4 month. Can you imagine, 4 months!

My break was during the winter and I feels more thrilled because i did not have to travel much during the break.

However, I did not wanted to relax completely and then regret later on things I have not done so couple of activities which I was involved were, Work on a part time job in the digital marketing field. It was a working from home opportunity. I am an individual who is passionate on digital marketing. I always wanted to involve with campaigns and projects Also, I worked as a volunteer at the campus. As an International student who is living in Canada alone, I believe it is important to build a good network so I started within the campus. As. student I involved with many activities such as student ambassador, student tutor, student social media ambassador, vice president at college Business Caucus club and as student council member.

I didn’t forget to to study during my break. You will question me why I studied when I can get fun. I wanted to stay ahead with the qualification game So i studied and attempted online courses and exams. During my break I gained 3 important certificates such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and LinkedIn Marketing Expert certificate.

Digital Marketing is an industry which frequently updating and changing. So it is essential to keep an eye on industry trends, techniques and how brands are evolving. The more you keep yourself updated the more correct opportunities will be open for you. A small advice from me *hint *hint

Now you might be thinking I am as a nerd. OF COURSE I am not I have done couple of activities as well. I hit to the gym at least 3 times per week. I used the college gym because it is FREE for students so I thought why I spend on other gym subscriptions. As a student we should save money right. From my college to home it is. a40 min bus ride but i hit to the college gym to get the maximum out of my college facilities. Summer was coming up as well. So who doesn’t like to look good in summer. haha.

Then of course, i spent time with my friends. I achieved my winter goal which was learning ice skating. I am from Sri Lanka so ice skating is a sport that we never get an opportunity to experience since Sri Lanka is a tropical island. Then I hang out with my friends and explore new foods and places around in Toronto.

Here is a small video on how I spent my vacation in nutshell. Hope you Enjoyed.

Are you a Lambton College or an International student?

Wanna share your experience on semester break? Comment below.

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