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I am Danushki Perera, working as an Digital Marketer in Sri Lanka. In my blog you can find a recollection of my thoughts and opinions based on my professional experiences regarding digital marketing.

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Are ALT texts case sensitive?

October 16, 2014

This is one of the questions I heard regularly from most of the web designers.

The simplest answer is “NO” but, you must think IT IS CASE SENSITIVE.
You might think why is that? Well, it’s like this.

Even though Alt text is not a website ranking is one of the powerful ways to attract and build the trust with your audience.

In the English language, there are some places where we have to use capital and simple letters. If its’ a name of someone, name of a country, etc. We have to start with Capital letters.

That’s normal, right?

If you did not follow the basic English rules like this your audience might think that you are too careless and they will not have a good impression about your or your company.

That’s the simplest answer I can give you.


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