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Changes In my SEO Routine

SEO results are unpredictable, time consuming, need to involve with lots of hard working, mixture of creativity, marketing and technology knowledge. Still the ultimate aim of all the SEO expert is to bring keywords to the first page using white hat SEO techniques.
Since I am working for an agency I know how difficult to deal with clients. We have KPIs, competition between competitors, client’s special requirements, deadlines and many more. One strategy won’t work to all the clients so there will be unique strategy for each month or period of 6 months minimum.
Once we get the client we just follow the company procedure to start SEO work.
I was quite fed up working in the same routine so thought of changing my working style a little.
Following is my new SEO planning within the team. (Will explain you short and sweet 🙂  ).

Stage 1
1. Once a new client come for SEO , have couple of meeting with the client to build a good relationship with them and to get to know their objectives and expectations on SEO.
2. Go back to your seat and go thoroughly through the website.
3. You build your own objective of the website to their business.
4. Compare the objective of yours and the client’s. Check how yours and client’s objective can combine well to execute.
5. List down the resources you need. This could be tools, times, human resources and etc.
6. Do audit reports and check competitor’s status.
7. Set KPIs and discuss them with the client and come to a final decision to execute.


Stage 2
1. List down the actionable tasks. (This could be on page and off page).
2. Prioritized the tasks.
3. Execute the tasks.


Stage 3
1. Generate weekly and monthly reports to see the progress.
2. Monitor which techniques worked well and plan how to continue with them.
3. If any technique didn’t work out well research why it didn’t and take actions or remove it in future plans.


Stage 4
1. Make a proper strategy for next couple of months.
2. And monitor how it achieved your goals.


This is it. I know this is not simple as it is.  You might be already following this routine.

But If you add something new after reading this blog post, Please share your ups and downs and thoughts with me.


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