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Door to Mobile SEO – 2

According to Google’s recent announcement next update would be improving the rankings of mobile friendly websites. The update is officially released on April 21st 2015.

There are few ways which you can make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

#1 Search Snippets
Through a mobile browser, type your website domain name and click enter.
Google adds a line separator between the URL and the description in the search snippets.
Refer the following screenshot for a better idea.


#2 Google mobile friendly tool
Google has released an online tool where we can check whether our website is mobile friendly or not.


Before we take any step we should use this tool and check whether your website’s status.
This tool provides you the free guidance what are the steps needed to be takes making your website mobile friendly.

#3 Google Webmaster
Even in Google Webmaster Tool you can get more insights. Once you log into your webmaster go to “Crawl error report and select “Smartphone” tab to identify if Google’s smartphone crawler has found any errors.


#4 Site Speed
Site Speed is another factor to improve mobile optimization. You can check your sit speed using the following tool.


To get suggestions to improve your website’s speed. You can go to

Google Analytic —-> Behavior —-> Site Speed

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