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how search works

How Search Works

Today I am going to talk about a very interesting topic. Have you ever thought how google search is working and what kind of algorithm are they using to optimize it?

Well, here is the interesting story begins, Search starts with the web. There are more than 60 trillion individual pages so far. Google has created a bot and send throughout all these individual pages to crawl. The bot reads what’s in the content and identify how these individual pages behave.

This is called “Indexing”.

Site owners have the full authority to grant or block the rob accessing their websites. Google developers write the algorithms and formulas to deliver the best result to the searches.

If someone writes “Digital marketing Blogs” This developed algorithm first look at what the user typed and checked for synonyms, search methods (video, image, text), spellings, query, understand, etc.) Based on the clues only they pull up all the relevant documents. These documents are from the database they have indexed by bot.

After that, they rank each individual page according to the quality of content, freshness, safe search, user context, translation and many more.

Note: This algorithm is constantly changing. Once they change it, they inform how they changed and how it’s going to effect to our websites.

All these happen in 1/8 seconds.

The algorithm can catch whether the website is spam or not. If they found something spam they will remove the website manually.

It’s called “Penalizing”.

There are so many types of spams. For example, Unnatural Links Hidden text Keyword Stuffing Thin Content Unnatural Links Pure Spam Cloaking Once they identify a website which have any spam method they inform the website owner and penalize the website. Once they fix all the spam content website can go live again.

That’s how search works. This is a massive and complex task which Google does.

Just imagine approximately for 1000 seconds 38,618,580 searches are performing all around the world..

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