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Manage Online Reputation using SEO – Pre Advices

A single negative event or a comment can stain your brand image in the public eye and it will remain for a long time. More than the positive comments bad comments are spreading very quickly and when it comes to online marketing it could be at a glance.
We have good recent experiences in Sri Lanka, where we heard these stories and I would not like to mention them here.
Anyway, Reputation management is something SEO experts can control and give advices on.
Doing reputation management is not an easy task as off page SEO. You have to allocate a separate time plus it will take time daily. As SEO rankings, we can’t expect good feedback from reputation management in a few weeks or months. This is something time consuming.

Here are pre advices to your company to save your reputation diamond.
1. Choose and Manage Social Media Right.
Having social media to promote your brand is not enough. It should be right to your business and you should manage it in a right way. Do not register for all the social platforms out there. Select which one is suitable for your business nature and start to promote your brand.


2. Introduction to your company.
If your company to lots of press releases or article writing have a unique, eye catching and strong introduction about the business. This is a section where you can see always as the first paragraph of the article. If it is stable and if you can write in a way where you can build the trust of the readers there is a possibility where you can establish on the readers mind your brand as a good brand.


3. Speak about your brand.
This is something most companies wanted to do, but still not stepping in to this since they worry more about the reputation of the brand.
If you want to achieve something, of course you need to get a risk.
Speak about your brand in public. Participate in public events and promote the brand.
Always advertise in a massive way when you want to hire a person to the company.
This can make your audience’s mind how big is your brand and how strong.


4. Maintain a blog.
Blog is something where you have the 100% control of the internet. Do not miss this opportunity. If you could maintain a blog about your brand, services or products then you can see what your audience say about your brand. If there are negative opinions you can take immediate actions. If their opinions are good you can promote their opinions more.


5. Links
This is another important thing. When you link building, try to balance free and paid link building. 50% free link building

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