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Remarketing List for Search Ads – RLSA

Search Ads remarketing is another way to optimize Google ads. Remarketing mean targeting the visitors who have already visited your website at least once.  By using the database you could run ads as per your wish.  When it comes to Search ad remarketing only two types of search ad campaign could use the remarketing list.
They Are,

  • Search Network only – All features
  • Search Network only – Dynamic Search Ads

Remarketing list should contain min 1000 visitors before using it. Also If you have experienced on creating Pixels code and run display remarketing campaigns then working with Search Ads remarking would not be a difficult task since the same pixel code and techniques have to use when it comes to Search ads.

How to create a Remarketing campaign for Search Ads

Step 1
Create the campaign.
Step 2
Under the campaign create an ad group called “Remarketing” (You can use any name you would like.
Step 3
Select “Text Ad” and create your ad copy.


Step 4
Add Keywords you like your ads to be appear.


Step 5
Add the default bid and Save your ad group.



Step 6
Go to “Audience” tab in you Ad Group. Click “+Targeting”



Step 7
Select the path where you need to add the remarketing list. To the whole campaign or to the Ad group only.



Step 8
Click “Add campaign targeting” and select “Remarketing List” and select which type of bidding you like.
And Save.



Target & Bid
This Option helps you to show your ad only those who are in your selected audience group when they search for your keyword. Special feature of this method is you can bid on broad keyword or competitors terms that are too expensive for your budget.

Bid Only
This option helps you to adjust bid amounts when someone in one of your audience groups searched for a keyword. That’s mean when someone who has already visited your site searches for these terms they have a better chance at appearing in top position for this better qualified traffic.

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