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SEO for beginners

What is SEO?
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of getting traffic to the website. Some says it’s one of the natural way but my opinion is it’s not a natural way of getting the traffic. The meaning of natural way of getting traffic is once the website is fully completed without doing any hard work naturally the visitors are visiting the website. Trust me it will take ages to get certain fair amount of traffic to gain like that so we need to give a boost that’s why we are doing SEO.
Anyhow by gaining the traffic the main objective is to rank the website or a page in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
We can divide SEO to two main categories.

1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO

Knowing On Page and off page factors are essential when doing SEO. You can’t choose either On page or off page factors. Both should include and should continue until you decide to stop your business.

On Page SEO

1. Content
Content is one of the main fact we should consider about. It add a value to the website when someone search for it. Most of us thinks when someone says “Good Content” that’s meant a content without any duplicates. But. There are more than that.
Good content should contain text, images, videos, etc.

2. Title Tag
This is the second most important fact in SEO. This is where you can see on top of the website’s tab.

Code Example
<title>Example Title</title>

Generally Google displays the first 50-60 characters of a Title tag.

3. URL

Some are not consider the url’s as an important fact. But when you start to do SEO you can see how important it is and how it helps to rank you well.

Good url Example

Bad url Example

Off Page SEO
Off page strategies are doing after we complete with the on page facts. But keep in mind after you start off page you can change the on page as you wish in a certain amount. However off page facts could be change time to time. Some off page facts are,
Forum Posting

Blog Posting
Article submission
Directory Submissions
Guest Blogging
Social Bookmarking
Link Exchange
Press release
RSS Directories
They are only few facts.


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