Danushki Perera

Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

The Best Ways to Utilize SEO in QA Process

This is not a common topic which anyone would speak. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Quality Assurance (QA) are two complete fields but I would say QA is a part of Digital Marketing. You might think how QA could be a part of Digital Marketing. Let me explain you all,

SEO is not only link building and make your rankings are up in search results. Before coming to the keyword rankings the duty of a SEO technician is to make sure the website is search engine friendly or not. To workout this process SEO, Web team and the QA team should work together.

SEO technicians always act a huge role  before a web launch and in the process of revamps. from the strategy to the website launch. So there is a QA checklist which quality assurances should make sure whether the proper SEO activities have done or not.

Following is the basic QA checklist related to SEO activities.




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