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Create a Google Analytic Account

August 14, 2016

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics helps you to improve your website quality and analyze user behavior. This is the only successful and effective method you can bring your website performance from 0 to 100%.

How to create a Google Analytic Account?

Step 1
Create a Gmail.

Step 2
Go to https://www.google.com/analytics.

Step 3
Submit all your website details and create the account
Simple as it is!

So, What’s Next?
Next step would be adding the Google Analytic (GA) code to your website.
So from where you can find this code?

Step 1
Click “Admin” in the navigation.


Step 2
Click “Tracking Info”


Step 3
Click “Tracking Code”


Step 4
Copy the tracking code and paste it in all the pages in your website.
You can paste in in the body or header.


Soon after you add the code data might not be there to analyze so my opinion is wait for few days and then you can see how the data flows.

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