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Hashtags to increase organic results

#Hashtag Game To Increase Your Organic Result

This article is based on a true story. Who is the main character? That’s ME!

This article is based on my own experience where I helped brands to increase their organic social media results with a $0 budget of advertising.

In my career I have helped many startup and SME brands when they were struggling with advertising budget. This is the moment where I utilised my growth hacking knowledge which is growing business with a $0 in hand.

It is true that the fact, you cannot reach your potential audience If you did not run any advertisements. We recommend brands at-least use couple of $ to boost content. But there are brands still in the modern world who does not trust on ads or do not have enough budget to play around. In such scenario as a marketer I am creating a digital strategy with a strong content strategy and play the hashtag game.

What is #hashtag game?

Hashtag game is get the maximum of the hashtag techniques. For this method a lot of research would be involved. A research where you need to conduct for hours before launching a post.

These are couple of techniques which I am sharing with you how you can select best hashtags for your posts

Check your competitors posts to identify what keywords are using.

Check influencers what keywords they are using.

Check Google trends to identify what are the trending topics and queries.

Check Google keyword planner to identify keywords with higher average searches.

Check your social media analytics from which hashtags you are getting more traffic.

Check search console to identify using which keywords users are finding your brand.

Talk with your offline marketing team and check with salespersons how the users communicate with them and what keywords they are using.

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