Danushki Perera

Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

My First Online Training Session from Canada to Brandix Corporate Campus, Sri Lanka

This was another memorable training session I was privileged to conduct after I moved to Canada. This made me thinking, whatever I have done to the Sri Lankan community is still in most of the people’s heart and still they are not hesitated to contact me to share my knowledge and experience with them.

It was 2.30 AM in Toronto time and 1 PM in Sri Lankan time but I really enjoyed delivering an online session to Brandix Corporate Campus on how to use digital marketing in the fashion industry. I delivered the session to students who are about to graduate and explained them how competitive is the market and how to standout from the competition by creating online portfolios and maintaining a LinkedIn profile.

I always feels good when I get an opportunity to share my own experiences and when I could help and guide anyone to make success their lives.

Looking forward to help Sri Lankan community no matter the distance and the time is…

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