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SEO 2023

Does SEO work in 2023?

This is a most common asked question when we discussed about SEO. My last article on SEO was during 2016. After 7 years I am writing an article about SEO to highlight some of the important factors on SEO.

In a way it is quite fair to think whether SEO is still working on not. Because to SEO results it takes time. As we all know, to get visible SEO results it may take months or years. It all depending on the competition and continuous effort we are putting. Keeping my article short, below are the 5 important factors to keep in mind when executing SEO strategy in 2023.

The New E-EAT

The traditional EAT which is Expertise, Authority, Trust has been updated as EEAT by adding the new segment which is ‘Experience’. Now before a content rank Google is evaluating the experience of the writer to check the quality and the validity of the content.

Make sure to Target Audience and Not Traffic

Content should be targeted to audience. Identify what users required and what are the trending topics. Through content try to address audience concerns. Do not worry about stuffing keywords to the content and add unnecessary hyperlinks.

Give Credits to the Author

The author’s profile has more power same as to the owner. Users do like to know who wrote the article and experiences the author has. And do not forget the new E-EAT.

Adding CTR to SERP

Make sure your meta description has a powerful call to action which align with your marketing goal. Meta description should not look like a selling ad. So take the fullest use of Search console to create a strong SERP.

Image SEO

Image SEO is powerful organic technique as same as in the SERP. From latest research it was found that users do check Images If they do not find what they are looking for easily in SERP. So make sure to add ALT tags to all the images and it should be your strongest keywords which users wants to find you.

These are the simple changes which you can do to stay ahead with SEO game. Stay tune with the blog for the second part and I will be revealing more hidden tactics.

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