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I am Danushki Perera, working as an Digital Marketer in Sri Lanka. In my blog you can find a recollection of my thoughts and opinions based on my professional experiences regarding digital marketing.

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SEO for beginners

seo 2015
SEO for beginners

What is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of getting traffic to the website. Some says it’s one of the natural way but my opinion is it’s not a natural way of getting the traffic. The meaning of natural way of getting traffic is once the website is fully completed […]

Gmail now speaks Sinhala

Who don’t use Gmail? Well, most of the people use Gmail because of the facilities they are getting from the Google. Now the Google has stepped one foot forward in Gmail. They have made available Gmail in six more Asian languages. And we are proudly announcing that Sinhala is one of the languages. The six […]

facebook and live rail
Facebook buys video Ad Tech Firm Live Rail

Here we go, Facebook has purchased another great company just to improve a good usage for Facebook users. Facebook announced that it has purchased the video ad tech company called LiveRail. Since Facebook is refusing to confirm the amount they paid. Anyhow, the Live Rail helps many online publishes like PBS, Conde Nast and MLB.com […]

RIP Orkut: Google will shut down their first Social network

Orkut was launched by Google in the year 2004 and It has been a major hit in Brazil and India. Yes! Event though It’s an USA product it was not popular in USA. On September 30, 2014, Orkut will be officially shut down. However until September 2016 users can transfer their data using Google Takeout. […]