Danushki Perera

Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

Category: Analytics

  • My Experience Working with HOTJAR

    My Experience Working with HOTJAR

    Hotjar is a software solution that enables you to visually represent and chart user interaction with your website using dynamic heat maps showcasing their clicks and activities. It also records their browsing sessions, collects their input, and provides additional functionalities. I got an opportunity to use this tool first time in my digital marketing career…

  • Working with UTM URLs

    Working with UTM URLs

    What is a UTM URLs? Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a simple code that helps you to track a source, medium and campaign name. This help us to identify all these information through Google Analytics. Simply, It creates a custom tracking code to track your campaigns.   Is it trustworthy? Yes, It is a 100%…

  • Create a Google Analytic Account

    Create a Google Analytic Account

    What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics helps you to improve your website quality and analyze user behavior. This is the only successful and effective method you can bring your website performance from 0 to 100%. How to create a Google Analytic Account? Step 1 Create a Gmail. Step 2 Go to https://www.google.com/analytics. Step 3 Submit…