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  • The Best Ways to Utilize SEO in QA Process

    The Best Ways to Utilize SEO in QA Process

    This is not a common topic which anyone would speak. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Quality Assurance (QA) are two complete fields but I would say QA is a part of Digital Marketing. You might think how QA could be a part of Digital Marketing. Let me explain you all, SEO is not only link building…

  • Content Optimizing for Bing

    Content Optimizing for Bing

    Bing is the second largest search engine while Google is ranked as the number one. So it is important to make sure to give priority same as you are trying to have a good ranking on Google. If you are planning to optimize your website for Bing search engine following guidelines will be helpful for…

  • Door to Mobile SEO – 1

    Door to Mobile SEO – 1

    Mobile SEO mean search engine optimization of websites with a smooth flow of viewing the website through devices such as mobile, tablets and smart phones. Since high technological portable devices have catches the current market now the webmasters and Google analytics have improved accordingly. More than 60% are using their mobile/portable to surf internet. Google…

  • Website Content – How much is it important to SEO

    Website Content – How much is it important to SEO

    In few years back if you want to rank your website well only thing Google was consider was about the “Keyword Density”. If you stuffed your relevant keyword in the content and there was a better chance to rank your website. Content is the King You might have heard this famous phrase when you hear…

  • Are ALT texts case sensitive?

    Are ALT texts case sensitive?

    This is one of the questions I heard regularly from most of the web designers. The simplest answer is “NO” but, you must think IT IS CASE SENSITIVE. You might think why is that? Well, it’s like this. Even though Alt text is not a website ranking is one of the powerful ways to attract…

  • SEO for beginners

    SEO for beginners

    What is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of getting traffic to the website. Some says it’s one of the natural way but my opinion is it’s not a natural way of getting the traffic. The meaning of natural way of getting traffic is once the website is fully completed…