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I am Danushki Perera, working as an Digital Marketer in Sri Lanka. In my blog you can find a recollection of my thoughts and opinions based on my professional experiences regarding digital marketing.

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Hashtags to increase organic results
#Hashtag Game To Increase Your Organic Result

This article is based on a true story. Who is the main character? That’s ME! This article is based on my own experience where I helped brands to increase their organic social media results with a $0 budget of advertising. In my career I have helped many startup and SME brands when they were struggling […]

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Landing Page

Here are 5 steps to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive and reachable based on my own experiences. Make a Good First Impression : Your Profile Picture Your profile picture is the first impression of the LinkedIn page. Make sure to add a professional picture. I know selfies looks so attractive but that will not […]

SEO 2023
Does SEO work in 2023?

This is a most common asked question when we discussed about SEO. My last article on SEO was during 2016. After 7 years I am writing an article about SEO to highlight some of the important factors on SEO. In a way it is quite fair to think whether SEO is still working on not. […]

Semester Break as an International Student
How I Spent My Semester Break at Lambton College Toronto

As an International student at Lambton College, Toronto the most awaited break was the semester break. Because this is the time we get to spend on ourselves completely for 4 month. Can you imagine, 4 months! My break was during the winter and I feels more thrilled because i did not have to travel much […]

My Experience Working with HOTJAR

Hotjar is a software solution that enables you to visually represent and chart user interaction with your website using dynamic heat maps showcasing their clicks and activities. It also records their browsing sessions, collects their input, and provides additional functionalities. I got an opportunity to use this tool first time in my digital marketing career […]

My First Online Training Session from Canada to Brandix Corporate Campus, Sri Lanka

This was another memorable training session I was privileged to conduct after I moved to Canada. This made me thinking, whatever I have done to the Sri Lankan community is still in most of the people’s heart and still they are not hesitated to contact me to share my knowledge and experience with them. It […]

An Interview with American Corner Jaffna, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad

To celebrate women’s month the 3 American corners Jaffna, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad organized a Facebook live session under the topic of Innovations and Entrepreneurship for women’s empowerment Speakers were Ms Divya Medar from Hyderabad, Dr Megha Bhatt from Ahmedabad and Ms Danushki Perera from Sri Lanka. It was an interesting discussion with Ms Divya and […]

SLIM Digis 2.0 – My Experience as a Jury Member

Receiving an invitation to SLIM Digis 2.0 as a Jury member I personally consider one of the best achievement I gained in my Digital Marketing career. It is a great experience to watch what brands have done out of the box concept and it was a great knowledge sharing session among rest of the Jury […]

Interview with Inspire Me

Inspire Me is a platform about Sri Lankan women who have successfully established their businesses and own brands in Sri Lanka. This is a platform which talks about the achievements, struggles and learning points in their journey. As a Female Digital marketer in Sri Lanka, I got an opportunity to share about me and my […]

‘Likes Can Be Deceiving’ organized by GBG Sri Lanka

I thought of sharing my experience on the first event of GBG organized in 2019. I was privileged to attend the event as a speaker and my topic was about ‘ What will work in 2019’. Audience : 99% of attendees were startups and business owners. So the event was so energetic with meaningful questions […]

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